The fresh taste of local seafood

and home of tasty takeaways 


THE                           MENU

Fresh seafood available daily. Product line subject to availability. 



All cooked to order. Fish can be battered, crumbed or grilled. All served with lemon.

Hoki                                                                                                    $8                                   

Barramundi                                                                                    $9

Fresh Barramundi                                                                 $12.50

Cod (hake)                                                                                      $8

Whiting                                                                                            $8

Snapper                                                                                            $10

Fresh Snapper                                                                               $14

Flake                                                                                              $8.50

Grilled Fresh Salmon                                                         $12.50

Make a combo                                                                   extra $4

1/2 small chips and 375ml can of drink 


All cooked to order. Plain salt, chicken salt or no salt


               Small: $3.50   Medium $6.50    Large $9   Family $17

Beer battered chips    

               Small $5  Medium $9    Large $12.50  Family  $21.50

Wedges (served with sour cream and sweet chilli)

                                                                            Small $8 Large $15


Cheese & gravy                                      Small $6.50 Large $12

Bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce              Small $8 Large $15

Bacon, cheese and sour cream           Small $9 Large $17



All burgers come with mayo, lettuce mix, red salad onion, sliced beetroot (other sauces individually listed)

HAMBURGER (BBQ  )                                                                 $8.50

FISH (TARTARE)                                                                            $9.50

VEGE (TOMATO SAUCE)                                                            $9.50

RIB FILLET STEAK (BBQ  )                                                           $11

Make it a ‘works’                                                         extra $3.50

with, bacon, cheese, egg and pineapple

Make it a ‘combo’                                                            extra $4

1/2 small chips and 375ml can of drink


LOADED CHICKEN                                                                      $15

Seasoned grilled chicken thigh, creamy aioli, lettuce, tomato, tasty cheddar cheese, crispy bacon & avocado

COWBOY                                                                                         $15

150gm ground wagyu beef, streaky bacon, cheese, crispy onion rings, pickles, and bbq sauce 

WAGYU                                                                                             $16

150gm ground wagyu beef, streaky bacon, cheese, 

crispy lettuce mix, red onion, pickles, tomato, bbq sauce & mayo

SOUTHERN FRIED BARRA                                                        $14

fried barramundi, crispy lettuce mix, tomato, red onion, cheese


SMALL COFFEE                                                                           $3.80

Includes tea, short black and hot chocolate

REGULAR COFFEE                                                                     $4.50

Includes hot chocolate

LARGE COFFEE                                                                            $5.10

Includes hot chocolate

COFFEE EXTRAS                                                                         $0.50

Includes adding a flavour, lactose or soy milk, mocha and extra shot

ICE COFFEE, ICE CHOCOLATE                                                $5

ADD CREAM OR ICE-CREAM                                                   $0.50

MILK SHAKES                                                                                $5

All cooked to order. All prepared in store. All served with lemon

Homemade Prawn Cutlet                                                     $3

Large wild caught and battered in store

Home made Sea scallop Roe on                                     $3.30

Wild caught & battered in store

Seafood Stick battered                                                      $1.50

Fish Cake                                                                                    $2.50

Fish Bites                                                                                        $1

Homemade Calamari                            Small $6   LArge $10

Freshly prepared & crumbed with our own seasoning    


Oysters Kilpatrick                1/2 dozen $15.50 dozen $29


All cooked to order. All prepared in store. Seafood served with lemon

Calamari Pack                                                                            $8

Small chips, small seasoned calamari and lemon 

Fish Bite Pack                                                                              $7

5 Small bites of hoki and small chips

Nugget Pack                                                                               $6

5 Crumbed chicken nuggets and small chips

Fish Pack for One                                                                   $10

Hoki and small chips

Fish Pack for Two                                                                   $17

2 x Hoki and small chips

Trawler’s catch                                                                       $21

hoki, seafood stick, sea scallop, prawn cutlet, small calamari, small chips & tartare sauce

Fishermen’s Feast                                                                $39.50

4 hoki, 4 potato scallops large chips and sauce tub

Mega Mates                                                                                 $25

2 x burgers, medium chips, 10 nuggets and 1.25 litre drink

Burger bundle                                                                          $30

4 burgers, medium chips and 1.25 litre drink

Tribe tamer                                                                                 $45

2 fish, large chips, 12 nuggets, large calamari, 2 tubs of sauce and 1.25 litre drink

FOR THE MINNOWS (kids under 12)

“I don’t know”                                                                           $8

5 Fish bites, 1/2 small chips and 375ml can of drink        

“Whatever”                                                                                  $8  

plain burger, 1/2 small chips and 375ml can of drink                                   

“Nothing”                                                                                    $8

5 Nuggets, 1/2 small chips and 375ml can of drink                 


Sauces include, tomato, BBQ and mustard

PLAIN DOG                                                                                $6.50

Bacon dog                                                                                    $8

BACON, CHEESE AND GRILLED ONION                                                                                

Make a combo                                                                             $4

1/2 small chips and 375ml can of drink               


Homemade Potato Scallop                                              $1.50

Homemade Onion Rings (5)                                                 $3

Chicken nuggets                            6 for $4 or 10 for $6.50

Dim Sim                                                    1 for $1.50 or 5 for $5

Chiko roll or large spring roll or kabana              $3

Pineapple fritter                                                                      $2

Chicken garlic ball                        1 for $1.50 or 5 for $6

Plain sausage                                                                              $3

Crumbed or battered sausage                                       $3.50


MONDAY                                     hamburger and small chips

TUESDAY                                                    cod and small chips

WEDNESDAY                                                    fish pack for one

THURSDAY                                 fish burger and small chips

FRIDAY                                         bacon dog and small chips

Where are we?

87-91 Michael Ave, Morayfield QLD 4506

Phone 5495 4522

About Us

Sarah and Clint

We are a young local family who own the business and work the shop on a daily basis. We employ all local staff.

We offer fresh and frozen seafood as well as a full range of cooked seafood and our menu includes other lines such as burgers, hotdogs etc.

We have an extensive range of packaged frozen fish and other food items in stock, including the staples of fresh bread, milk and eggs etc. 

Our store is conveniently located just over the road from the Morayfield Shopping centre. 

Avoid the wait and phone ahead on busy evenings, weekends and public holidays.

Trading Hours

Monday to Friday

9.30 am to 8pm

Saturday and Sunday

11am to 8pm


87-91 Michael Ave, Morayfield Qld 



P: 07 5495 4522



Hook’d on Seafood  reserves the right to change prices  or menu items without notice.

*All products sourced locally where possible

S & C Catering PTY LTD 

ABN 45 615 670 454